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About Us

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Our Story: A Legacy of Passion and Excellence

Back in the groovy days of October 1973, Rick Capone kick-started our journey as Foreign Auto Parts and Services, Inc. With a zest for British sports cars, Rick zoomed from a racing champ to a hero in European auto service, always with top-notch customer support up his sleeve. Rick’s not just about cars though; he’s a family guy through and through. This family passion for European autos trickled down to his sons, Ricky and Brice Capone. Ricky, with his need for speed, now runs Capone Motorsports, while Brice took the reins of Foreign Auto Services, steering it towards new horizons.

New Chapter, Same Family Values

In 2014, Brice Capone stepped up to continue the legacy, eventually buying the building in 2020 that’s been our home since 1991. Under Brice’s lead, we’ve kept the family vibe alive, blending it with top-tier automotive expertise. Our mission? To keep growing and getting even better!

Why Choose Us? Quality Service Meets Trust

At Foreign Auto Services, Inc., we’re not just about fixing cars. We’re about building trust, offering quality, and making sure you leave with a smile. Our awesome team, handpicked for their mad skills and solid values, are all about integrity, customer satisfaction, and teamwork. We believe in honest chats, top-notch work, and we stand proudly by our 3-year 36k mile warranty. Plus, our newly spiffed-up facility is pretty cool, with a comfy lounge, free snacks, and weekly fresh flowers. Talk about service with a smile!

Brice Capone: A Life Revved Up with Cars

Brice’s been tinkering with anything on wheels since he was a kiddo, fixing lawnmowers and rebuilding dirt-bike motors. His journey led him from race cars to becoming the heart and soul of Foreign Auto Services. Learning from his dad and other car wizards, Brice is always on top of the latest in auto tech.

Our Dream Team

When Brice took the driver’s seat in 2014, our crew was a tight-knit group of 3 technicians. Now? We’re a bustling family of 7 technicians, 2 service managers, an account and HR manager, and a quality control specialist, all rocking it alongside Brice and Rick.

More Than Just Cars: Meet Brice Capone

Brice’s life isn’t all gears and grease. Married to Rachelle since 2016, he’s a proud dad to William and Charlie. He loves hanging out with family and friends, whether it’s a big bash at home or a chill meal out. A fan of the great outdoors, he’s often out boating or fishing. Brice’s also a bit of a globetrotter, loving trips to the Bahamas, ski resorts, or just kicking back in a tropical paradise. And when he’s not out and about, you’ll catch him reading non-fiction to fuel his personal and professional growth. So, there you have it! We’re not just a shop; we’re a family, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our world of expert auto care with a personal touch. Swing by and experience the Foreign Auto Services difference!

Check out our feature story in the Abacoa & Alton Neighbors Magazine!

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